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Directions to Jim's house

Come down the Gulf Freeway (I-45) and take 61st Street right, entering Galveston. Turn right on the Seawall and you'll leave town in about five minutes. The Seawall ends, but you stay on the same four-lane road. Where it becomes two-lane in Jamaica Beach, go 1.6 miles further, and turn right into Indian Beach. Take the FIRST right (quickly), which is Shaman, the road turns left 90 degrees, and dead ends into the cul-de-sac where my driveway is.

Monday April 22-Friday April 26

Week of great birding at the amazing height of the spring bird migration. You may register for the entire week for $400, or pay $100/day according to your schedule. In late April, the trees drip with warblers and other songbird migrants and the shorelines are filled with breeding plumaged shorebirds and rare species as well. We visit all the good places and have fantastic results!

Monday 29-Friday, May 3

Spring Migration Photo Workshop: Spend five days shooting amazing shorebirds and songbirds all over the Upper Texas Coast. You’ll shoot well over a hundred species and learn a lot about avian photography and the best places to photograph them. Transportation is in Jim’s van and some shooting at his house. $300

May 4- Galveston songbird/shorebird migrant trip

Meet at Jim’s at 7 am and work the West End of Galveston all day for beautiful spring-garb shorebirds, fantastic spring migrants and whatever else we can find. Finish late afternoon. $30 [We will also be contributing to the Spring Bird Count that day.]

Sunday, May 5 All day birding trip to Bolivar, High Island and Anahuac

It should be a great (though long) field trip. We’ll return down 146 and avoid the ferry. Meet at Galveston PO at 8 am and return around 6 pm. Long day; great birds. Loads of fresh and saltwater shorebirds, songbird migrants, marsh species and rice field specialties. $50

Wednesday, May 7- Last field trip for migrants

Meet at my house at 9 am, have lunch together at noon and bird till 3:30 pm. $30 Many great species are more common in early May like Mourning&Canada Warblers, Philly Vireo, empids, etc. See great birds and beat the traffic. $30

Saturday, May 11- Annual walk through the Big Thicket

We'll walk down Kirby Trail, eat lunch at the incomparable Mama Jack’s and an afternoon walk through the insectivorous bogs of the National Forest on Sundew Trail. Great way to end the year. $50

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Adorn your walls with bird pictures of familiar Texas native species by ornithologist and bird photographer Jim Stevenson. For ordering information  click here.

Texas Bird Calendar 2013

The GOS announces its All-Texas Bird Calendar for 2013 is printed and available for sale.

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We are a group of friends of all ages in Galveston County, Texas, who share a love for learning about birds. We have meetings and classes and birding trips like the Water Bird Workshop or Shorebird Seminar. Members have day and overnight field trips to observe birds in their natural setting.

The Society offers several trips away from Galveston during each year. Participants have gone to far away bird hot spots such as Venezuela, Arizona, South Texas, Florida, Alaska, the Yucatan, the Galapagos and many other locations.

Additional trips planned for the future include Africa, Tierra del Fuego and Cape May. The leader of the trips is Jim Stevenson, who is a professional bird guide and ornithology professor.

Leaders of the Society are available for providing programs and articles about birds and animals for newspapers and periodicals. Executive Director, Jim Stevenson, has written several books, including one chronicling the Wildlife of Galveston (sold out).

Galveston Bay's first nature newspaper, "GULLS n HERONS", is the inspiration of The Galveston Ornithological Society. Informative and instructive articles on nature, such as bird watching, reptiles, fishing, etc., are included in all issues, and it includes color pictures of Gulf Coast birds and other creatures. Download the latest Gulls n Herons by clicking here.

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